Unique and Interesting Cremation Jewelry for Men

Grief associated with death of a loved one can be very, very hard on men also. Women are more emotional and show their grief openly but for men things are different. Often men become emotion less and keep a hold of their feeling after the death of a loved one. This does not mean that men are not emotional or they do not have any kind of feelings. Men feel just as much pain as women when someone close to them die but they do not show their emotions to others.

Well, for men there is no need to hide their feelings or emotions any more. Now men can get support during this difficult phase of life with the help of cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry will offer men the much needed support and that too in a very practical manner. A man can buy a beautiful piece of cremation jewelry for himself or you can buy one as a gift of condolence to a male friend, acquaintance or co-worker. No matter what, cremation jewelry for men will be surely welcomed and appreciated with open hands.

You can find beautiful cremation jewelry for men in various shapes and designs. The jewelry items such as rings, bracelets, pendants, key rings, chains are available in sterling silver, stainless steel, gold-plated, solid yellow gold, white gold, leather, wood, and bronze and so on. All these cremation jewelry items are designed with a small chamber where you can easily store small amount of cremation ashes, a lock of hair or something very small that reminds you of the deceased.

Here is a list of some cremation jewelry for men that you may like to have:

Sterling Silver Men’s Cross Ring:

Sterling Silver Men’s Cross Ring

This men’s cremation ring in black is a great piece of art that will help men to remember those they have loved. The look and feel of this cremation jewelry is similar to that of a regular ring but with a screw back enclosure where you can hold a small reminder of the deceased. The design of this jewelry is such that anyone will love to treasure it for generations to come. Crafted of high grade sterling silver, the ring comes packed in a lovely presentation pouch. It also comes with the instructions and a funnel to assist you in filling the keepsake with cremation ashes or anything small that you wish to keep inside the ring. At a price of $99.00, you can buy this beautiful men’s ring from www.funeral-urn.com.

Men’s Cross Pendant with Silver Chain:

Men's Cross Pendant with Silver Chain

Most of the men prefer simplicity when it comes to jewelry items. Simplicity yet elegance are just the right way to describe this men’s cross pendant. Cross is a symbol of faith, and this pendant in the shape of cross holds deep meaning for men. The chamber built inside the cross can securely hold a small amount of ashes, soil from a favorite place or a lock of hair. The threaded enclosure keeps the memorial secure for years to come. The cross pendant is attached to a sterling silver chain with spring ring clasp. The overall dimensions of the cross pendant are 3/4″W x 1 1/4″H. To give it a personal touch, you can also opt for engraving. It comes packed in a lovely velvet presentation box. The pendant filling kit comes for free. You can buy this cremation jewelry at $97.99 from www.funeral-urn.com.  

Stainless Steel Flask Urn:

Stainless Steel Flask Urn

This beautiful urn flask shapes necklace is made from highly polished stainless steel. The sleek design of the flask has a chamber where you securely hold a small loving memento associated with the deceased such as cremation ashes. The beveled edge of the flask can be designed either in stainless steel or ebony wood according to your preference. The flask urn is attached to a 24-inch stainless steel chain. There is a double screw sliding panel located on bottom of urn pendant that helps you to securely close the chamber after filling it with cremation ashes. It comes with full instructions and necessary tools for filling. The overall measurement of this Urn Flask is 3/4″W x 1″H. At a price of $300.00, you can buy this smart cremation necklace jewelry from www.urngarden.com.

Titanium Long Wide Band Bracelet:

Titanium Long Wide Band Bracelet

This beautiful cremation bracelet jewelry is something very refined in design and style which makes it an ideal way to remember someone who has died. The striking bracelet is made from highly durable titanium and is very lightweight. This beautiful piece of jewelry is very strong and will last for generations. The bracelet has a small chamber that will hold a memorial of your loved one securely. This cremation bracelet closes securely with a threaded screw. It measures 8-1/4″ in length. It comes packed in a smart gift box along with filling kit and detailed instructions on how to fill the bracelet with cremation ashes. At a price of $349.00, you can buy this cremation jewelry bracelet from www.urnsforcremation.com.

Remember Me Keychain Keepsake:

remember me keychain keepsake

This keychain has a very practical and simple design that anyone will love to carry it with them at all times. The keychain is designed with a vial where the cremation ashes or dried flowers from the funeral service can be securely stored. It comes with engraved brass plaque where inspiring quotes and religious psalms can be easily engraved. The overall vessel size is 1/2″ Dia. x 1 1/2″ H where 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of ashes can be securely stored. At a price of just $47.95, you can buy this interesting piece from www.memorials.com.

All the above mentioned cremation jewelry for men is a great way to remember someone special. You can buy cremation jewelry for yourself to serve it as a permanent reminder of someone who has died. On the other hand, these cremation jewelry items can also make excellent gifts for any of your male family members or friends who have suffered a loss and need reminding to live life to its fullest.

To conclude, cremation jewelry for men is sure to become a treasured reminder of a person who has left this world for good. Always remember that memories remain alive for years and with cremation jewelry the memories will never fade away.

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