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Three Interesting Ways to Use Cremation Jewelry

April 29, 2013

In the last one or two decades, the market for cremation jewelry has enjoyed tremendous growth. One of the reasons behind this growing popularity is that cremation jewelry is a great way to memorialize a departed soul. Due to the increasing demand for cremation jewelry even the manufactures such as Memorials.com, Ashestoashes.com, Etsy.com and so on are regularly coming up with a myriad of innovative designs. Just look around the market and you will be amazed to see a wide range of cremation jewelry designs where you hold a small amount of the cremated remains of the deceased along with few hair strands, a pinch of dried and crushed flowers from the funeral ceremony or a bit of soil from the burial site. To know more about cremation jewelry, you can check this site www.cremationresource.org.  

Initially people used to buy cremation jewelry to wear it like any other type of jewelry. This way people used to feel the presence of the deceased.  Also as cremation jewelry can be made from different materials such as diamond, gold, silver, wood and glass, it become possible to get a kind of item that suits different sense of styling as well as budget. At the same as it looks and feels very similar to other kinds of jewelry, no one can guess the reason behind wearing such a jewelry item unless you wish to disclose the truth behind it.

Wear cremation jewelry

Nowadays, people are not just ordering such a jewelry item for wearing or holding the cremated remains of the deceased in a safe and secure manner. Cremation jewelry has got a versatile nature which means you can use it for different purposes. You can use cremation jewelry for displaying purpose, maintaining a cremation keepsake or for sharing the deceased’s cremation ashes among family members.

Use cremation jewelry for display purpose

Display cremation jewelry

Many people do not prefer to wear cremation jewelry for various reasons such as afraid of losing it, want to keep it safe and so on. In case you do not wish to wear cremation jewelry, then you can always think of creating a dignified memorial with the cremation jewelry for the deceased. You can easily do it by placing the cremation jewelry beneath a dome made of glass or in an attractive presentation case. You can keep the dome or presentation case in a prominent place in your home or office.

Create a treasure with cremation jewelry

Treasure cremation jewelry

People are emotionally attached to cremation jewelry as it helps to preserve the memories of the departed soul. Also as cremation jewelry are very small it is easy to carry them with you while traveling to new places. When not traveling, you can always store the cremation jewelry in a special place along with your other valuable family treasures. With proper care and cleaning, cremation jewelry will last for years and you can pass it to the next generation as a family heirloom.

Use cremation jewelry for sharing cremation ashes

Share cremation jewlery

As a deceased is loved by many people, it is the wish of many surviving family members and friends to keep a small portion of the cremation ashes with them. There are many affordable keepsake cremation jewelry items in the market which you can buy to distribute the cremation ashes amongst a number of people. This is the best way to share the cremation ashes of the deceased amongst family members and friends as a personal memorial.

To conclude, it is a personal decision as how you wish to use cremation jewelry. But irrespective of your choice, cremation jewelry will help to keep the memories of the deceased alive for years to come. 

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