Know How to Take Care of Your Cremation Jewelry

People buy cremation jewelry to keep the ashes of their loved one always close to them. As it looks like other normal jewelry items, people often prefer to wear cremation jewelry on daily basis. If you are planning to wear cremation jewelry, you need to bear in mind that you need to take special care of it. With proper care, you can wear your favorite cremation jewelry for years to come and at the same time pass them on as treasured heirlooms to your next generation.

Taking care of your precious cremation jewelry for ashes is not at all a difficult task. There are certain techniques to clean and take care of your cremation jewelry.

Cleaning cremation jewelry

Here are some useful tips for you:

  • Whenever you are not wearing your cremation jewelry, then you must keep it safely in a case. Most of the jewelry items come with cases and so you must never throw the cases as you may never know when you will need it. By keeping the jewelry in a case, you will be able to protect it from dirt and damage. If you do not have a case, then store the jewelry in a box with a soft lining inside.
  • Before wearing your cremation jewelry, take some time to inspect it properly. In case you notice any kind of scratch or damage, avoid wearing it. First get the jewelry repaired and then only wear it.
  • It is recommended to remove your cremation jewelry before taking a bath. This way there will be no chance of water getting inside the secret chamber containing the ashes of your loved one and the cremation ashes will remain safe. At the same time when jewelry item comes in contact with water or soap, it may dull the finish and act as a magnet to dust and dirt.
  • You also need to keep the jewelry away from harsh chemicals. Whenever you are using detergent or chemicals for cleaning your house or car, remove your jewelry and then only proceed to do your work. Also before doing exercises or heavy physical labor remove the jewelry.
  • While going to a beauty salon for make-up or other types of beauty treatment, it is recommended to take extra care of your cremation jewelry. Chemicals can damage its shine and finish.
  • Never submerge the cremation jewelry in water as it can damage the seal and the ashes stored inside the secret compartment. At the same time you must not exposure the jewelry to bright sunlight and extreme temperatures for long hours.
  • Each day before going to bed, take out some time to clean your cremation jewelry to maintain its finish. Take a clean jeweler’s cloth or any soft cotton cloth, and gently wipe away the dirt and dust from the jewelry. Every time use a clean cloth and avoid using facial tissue or paper towels to keep your jewelry scratch free. 
  • You can also use commercial jewelry cleaners to clean your cremation jewelry. But before using such products it is highly recommended to read the instructions properly. Also bear in mind that different materials need different types of cleaner. For instance the polishing cream suitable for gold jewelry may not be suitable for cleaning a steel or silver jewelry.
  • If your cremation jewelry contains gemstones, talk to a jeweler before you attempt to clean them. Different types of stones require different cleaning methods. Using the wrong method can cause severe damage to the precious stone.
  • In case you notice any damage, then avoid fixing it on your own. Take the jewelry to a jeweler so that it can be fixed in a professional manner.

To conclude, cremation jewelry is like a treasure and with proper care you can retain its beauty and charm so that it can be enjoyed by your family generation after generation.

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