Keep Memories Alive With Memorial Jewelry for Ashes

Memorial jewelry which is also referred to as cremation jewelry is one of the latest trends in the memorial industry. Memorial jewelry is one of the most unique ways to memorialize a loved one. When a pendent or a ring filled with the ashes of the deceased are worn by you it allows the memories of the loved one remain close to your heart always.

Types of memorial jewelry

Some of the benefits of memorial jewelry for storing ashes are:

Keeps memories alive:

Death is the ultimate truth of this world and sooner or later one has to take departure from this world. No matter what, it is not that easy for anyone to accept death. But now with memorial jewelry you can keep a small portion of the ashes of your beloved one along with you forever. This way you can feel the presence of the deceased in your life always no matter where you are. Whenever you will see the beautiful jewelry in front of you, all the loving memories associated with the deceased will flash back in your mind.

Highlights your style statement:

Gold memorial pendant

There is nothing like you need to get memorial jewelry just for the sake of the memories of the deceased. The market is flooded with different styles and designed of memorial jewelry. You never have to compromise on your taste, style and preference. You can easily get something designed that you will love to wear always. Depending upon your personal preferences, you can buy something simple, elegant, and stylish or something very elaborately designed. Also the good part about memorial jewelry is that no one can say that the jewelry you are wearing is not an ordinary jewelry but something very special for you.

No need to worry about price:

It is true that not everyone can afford diamonds when it comes to a perfect memorial jewelry item. Depending upon your budget you can easily get a perfect memorial jewelry that you will always love to wear. Today, there is the wide assortment of materials used for making memorial jewelry. Some of the materials used are gold, silver, glass, pewter, precious gems, bronze, wood or stainless steel. If you wish, you can buy personalized memorial jewelry like a small locket where you can place a small photo of your loved one inside which will surely offer your some comfort and peace of mind.

Remains with you always:

As the society has become more transient in nature and cremation is mostly preferred as compared to burial, there is no need for family members and friends to visit a grave site on regular basis. With cremation you get the ashes of the deceased to bring back home. A huge portion of the ashes can be scattered at some of the favorite places of the deceased and remaining ashes can be stored in cremation urns or memorial jewelry. The good thing about memorial jewelry is that even if you have to change location in future you can carry the memory of a loved one with you.

What type of memorial jewelry to buy?

Well, it is usually up to you as what type of cremation jewelry you want to store the ashes of the deceased. You can buy a necklace, ring, pendant, earrings, or bracelet that you can wear daily and has a special significance. It can be a heart locket with a picture of the deceased or a simple cross pendant with some engraved phrases that you can wear regularly in memory of a loved one.

Memorial jewelry inside a glass box

Memorial jewelry items are designed with a small container where the some of the ashes of your dearly beloved can be stored. In some cases, along with ashes you can also store ceremonial flowers, lock of hair or something very small associated with the deceased.  There are also certain designs where you can engrave the name of the deceased along with his or her dates of birth and death. Basically cremation jewelry is designed to be worn but in case you do not want to wear it you can display it in a glass dome or other special container which will look like a decorative item.

To conclude, memorial jewelry for ashes is a very practical and innovation way to honor a loved one who has passed away. You can also get pet memorial jewelry too in the memory of your pet. The beauty of memorial jewelry lies in its appearance and versatility.

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