How to Fill Ashes in Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry for ashes is very special in nature as each piece is designed with a small inner chamber where the ashes belonging to a deceased can be stored. Such type of jewelry items can be used to store the ashes of humans as well as pets. In fact, the demand for such memorial products have increased so much in recent years that companies are coming up with innovative designs and concepts to fulfill the demand of the customers. Just look for the products available at,, and so on and you will get a clear idea about this new market trend.

Jewelry for ashes

For many, the main purpose behind buying cremation jewelry for ashes is to feel the presence of the deceased close to their hearts. At the same time these jewelry items allow people to cope with their grief of losing a loved one in a better manner. Also the cremation jewelry for ashes will help you to hold on to precious memories of a departed soul for years to come.

As the market is flooded with wide variety of cremation jewelry for ashes, you will have no difficulty in buying one according to your budget and preference level. Once you have the cremation jewelry in front of you, the next important task is to transfer the ashes into the jewelry.

Well, it is very easy to transfer the ashes into the jewelry and you can do it at home without any assistance.

Here is a step by step guideline:

  • Check the jewelry properly to locate the screw. You need to remove the screw in order to get access to the hollow chamber inside. You screw can be opened with hand only or you may use a small screwdriver.

Cremation jewelry

  • Now lay down the jewelry on a flat surface and it is advisable to put a paper first. Place the funnel mouth that usually comes with the jewelry into the hole.
  • Next take out the container containing the cremation ashes and open it carefully and then with the help of a small spoon take out some of the ashes and put it into the funnel. The ashes will get transferred inside the secret chamber. In case the funnel gets blocked you can use a toothpick to clear the way. Along with the ashes you can even put little but of earth from the burial site, a lock of hair or bits of dried flowers from a funeral arrangement. Try not to fill the chamber completed. It is recommended to leave little space so that there is space for the screw.


  • Once done, twist the screw back into the hole. Make sure the screw is tight enough.
  • Now take small amount of glue in a toothpick and put it where the screw ends. This is safety measure to make sure that the screw remains in place. Allow the glue to dry completely before using the jewelry.
  • Finally, you can wear the cremation jewelry like any other normal jewelry or place it inside a display counter.

Certain points to remember:

  • When you are filling your cremation jewelry it is recommended to work over a paper so that in case ashes get scattered you can put them back in the urn.
  • This is a very emotional task and should be done by people having steady hands only. Those having shaky hands will not be able to do justice to their work.
  • For those people who have still not recovered from the grief, this can be a really difficult task. If you are not comfortable it is advisable to take help from others. You can take help from a nearby funeral home or crematory.

For more information, you can check this video:

Final Words:

When you follow the guideline properly, you will have no difficulty in transferring the ashes to the secret chamber of the cremation jewelry for ashes. At the same time most of these jewelry items come with easy to follow guideline where step by step directions are mentioned.

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