Here?s How To Choose and Buy Cremation Jewelry

In recent times, there is a lot of hype in the market related to cremation jewelry which is a special kind of jewelry items where the ashes of a deceased family member or close friend can be stored. In fact, it is a great way to keep the memories of a deceased alive for years. Available in different shapes and forms, the demand for cremation jewelry in the market is also getting higher day by day. Today it is regarded as an integral part of the memorial industry.

Cremation jewelry

Why cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is a special kind of jewelry with a small storage container where some amount of the ashes of the deceased after cremation can be stored. Apart from ashes, there are other things related to the deceased that can also be stored like a lock of hair, dried out funeral flowers, soil from the burial site, and so on. With cremation jewelry you can always feel the presence of the deceased in your life. It acts as a source of strength and comfort as it helps to ease the minds of those who find it really hard to accept death.

When it comes to choosing cremation jewelry you may find yourself overwhelmed with the huge array of options available. To help you out during this difficult time, there are some simple steps that can help you to choose the right cremation jewelry:

Tips to choose cremation jewelry

Decide where to shop:

You can order a cremation jewelry online or buy directly from a local funeral home or some traditional jewelry shop located in your area. No matter from where you wish to shop, make sure to buy from a trusted vendor. Most of the people prefer to place their order online. When buying online, you need to do a good research regarding the reputation of the company, their customer service, their privacy policy, hidden charges, payment options, and their delivery options. Also find out whether there is a warranty against defects, as it is one positive sign that the company is a reputed one.

Set up a budget:

No matter how much you care about the deceased you simply cannot buy a cremation jewelry which is beyond your budget. Being emotional is good but impractical is not at all a good idea. So by setting up a budget as how much you can afford for buying cremation jewelry you can narrow down your search and make a wise selection. If you have a limited budget there is no need to be sad as cost never means that you need to compromise on quality or style. So, even if your budget is limited, you will surely find the perfect cremation jewelry that will become the most precious item for you.


As there are various types of cremation jewelry in the market you need to browse the market properly before making a final selection. Cremation jewelry items are generally designed to be worn on the body, but there are also some that are designed to be kept as souvenirs. You will be simply amazed to find cremation jewelry in different shapes, forms and styles. Even the materials used for making cremation jewelry are different such as gold, silver, diamond, galas, metal, bronze and crystal and so on. When you browse the market you will get a clear idea about the types and forms of cremation jewelry.

Make a choice:

Now make a final decision regarding what kind of cremation jewelry you want. You can choose a simple small heart pendant or something very elegant like gold cross when it comes to cremation jewelry. If you want something that can be personalized with the name or a photo of the deceased, you can also find something like that too. Always opt for one that will make you happy and have something in it that connects to the deceased. For instance, if the favorite color of the deceased is pink then you can buy a pendant having a pink stone or so on. Finally it is a totally personal decision when it comes to selecting a cremation jewelry.

Give the measurements:

Whether you want to buy a keepsake ring, pendant or a bracelet, you need to give the right measurements. Otherwise the cremation jewelry will not be of proper fit and you will not wear it. If you are ordering online then you need to measure your neck using a measuring tape if you are buying a neckpiece having a pendant to store the ashes. You must be sure as where you would like the pendant to hang. Write down the measurements in inches and mention it to the dealer while placing your order online.

Time to wear it:

Once the cremation jewelry is delivered to you, it is time to put the ashes of the deceased in the secret container. Find out the opening and then pour the ashes on it with the help of a small funnel and a plastic spoon. In case of any difficulty, you can approach your local funeral home and ask the authorities there to assist you. Once done you can wear the jewelry and the loving memories associated with the deceased will always remain intact.

To conclude, cremation jewelry is a very a creative and practical way to store the remaining of your loved one. It is also an attractive and respectful way to memorialize the life of a person. Now you can choose cremation jewelry with confidence.

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