Get Fingerprint Memorial Jewelry In Memory of Your Loved One

Fingerprint memorial jewelry is a kind of special cremation jewelry items where fingerprints, footprints or handprints of the deceased are engraved. This kind of jewelry is very unique in nature. Like people no two fingerprints are same and thus it is a unique identity of an individual provided by nature.

Fingerprint memorial jewelry

Along with cremation jewelry for ashes, fingerprint memorial jewelry also has a very personal meaning. These jewelry items will also bring years of comfort and keep the memory of your loved one close to your heart. This is why fingerprint memorial jewelry is often regarded as both elegant and timeless. 

For buying fingerprint memorial jewelry, the dealer or manufacturer will provide you a fingerprint collection kit. This kit will have all the necessary items to get an actual fingerprint impression or make an ink print. Depending upon your convenience you can take an ink print or actual fingerprint impression of the deceased. In case it is not possible to collect a fingerprint impression or ink print from the deceased, there is an alternative option also. You can also use a fingerprint impression of the deceased from an old document. If someone has died in the hospital, you can even ask the hospital staff to assist you to gather the fingerprints or footprints of the deceased as they have the resources readily available.

For good quality and beautiful fingerprint memorial jewelry, you need to bear in mind that the fingerprint impression should be in a very good condition. For better product, it is advisable to collect as many finger prints as you can. This will help the dealer or the manufacturer to choose the clearest one and offer you the best product.  Smudged or faded fingerprints or footprints are not suitable for making good quality fingerprint memorial jewelry.   

After the fingerprints are sent by you to the dealer or manufacturer, they use it to design artistic and intricately detailed fingerprint memorial jewelry items. For engraving the fingerprints, footprints or handprints of the deceased, a combination of modern scanning technology and the age old lost wax casting technique are used together. The final product is as unique as the individual whose print is preserved.

Fingerprint cremation jewelry

For fingerprint memorial jewelry you can choose different materials such as gold, sterling silver, bronze, gemstones and so on. Even you can find fingerprint memorial jewelry in beautiful designs and shapes like heart pendants, tear drops, round pendants, rings, and bracelets. There are also fingerprint memorial jewelry items with secret chambers where you can store the cremated ashes of your loved one.

The memory of a loved one is precious and with a unique fingerprint jewelry item you can keep the memories of the deceased alive for years to come. Also this type of memorial jewelry makes a wonderful keepsake to pass down to generations after generations. You can also buy such kind of memorial jewelry for your favorite pet as well from reputed online companies.  

To conclude, no other type of memorial jewelry can be more personal then fingerprint memorial jewelry where the fingerprint of the deceased are engraved.  Get fingerprint memorial jewelry to show your everlasting memorial tribute to someone very special in your life. 

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