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For Wearable Memorial Choose Cremation Jewelry

June 13, 2013

When a special one dies, it is the wish of most of the surviving family members and friends to create a special memorial in the name of the deceased. Well, a beautiful memorial can be in the form of a collage, a headstone, a customized urn, a memorial tree and so on. But if you wish to feel the presence of the deceased close to your heart, then the best option for you to consider is beautiful cremation jewelry. In fact, this new concept of innovative jewelry designs has taken memorializing a step further. Not just cremation jewelry allows family members and friends to create a special memory in the name of the deceased; it also allows them to feel the memories of the deceased always close to their heart.


What is Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is a kind of normal jewelry that has been crafted with a hollow compartment. Inside the hollow compartment you can store the cremated remains along with other small things that will remind you of the deceased. Such jewelry items come in the form of pendant, ring, bracelet or another type of accessory that can be worn by both men and women. Cremation jewelry is available in a wide assortment of designs and materials that takes honoring the deceased to a new level. Depending on the type of cremation jewelry design and the material chosen by you, this memorial will always remind you of the deceased.

Choosing a remembrance for cremation jewelry

There are a number of options for the family members to choose when it comes to choosing the remembrance that can be stored inside the secret compartment of the cremation jewelry. One of the most common options is cremated remains belonging to the deceased. Along with the cremated ashes, people can also choose burial sand if the deceased was buried, a few strands of hair or some ashes from a burned photo and many more. All these are some kind of small tributes that can be utilized to create a memorial of a family member or friend that has passed away.

There are different options to choose from for a remembrance for cremation jewelry such as:

  • Cremation ashes
  • Sand from the site of burial
  • A few strands of hair
  • Dried flower petals from the funeral service

Memorial jewelry is a versatile choice for those who are planning to create a very personal and touching memorial in honor of a loved one that has died. There are several materials that you can choose for cremation jewelry such as sterling silver, gold vermeil and 14 karat gold in addition to glass, crystal and wood. At the same engraved text or a photo can also be inserted to the surface of the cremation jewelry which will give it a customized look.

To conclude, cremation jewelry is available in a wide assortment of designs. Just look around and you can easily find one with the help of which you can memorialize the departed soul with great honor. 

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