Engraving Ideas for Pet Cremation Jewelry

When shopping for pet cremation jewelry, it is the wish of every buyer to find a beautiful memorial that can be used to celebrate the life of his or her beloved pet. Well, getting pet cremation jewelry as unique as your beloved pet can be very difficult. But through various customizing options you can easily make any ordinary cremation jewelry very unique in nature. 

When it comes to customization, the best option is to go for professional engraving. Most of the manufacturers of cremation jewelry offer this kind of service. If engraving option is available then it will be clearly mentioned at the official website of the manufacturer. For instance at Memorials.com, Ashestoashes.com, Urngarden.com etc, you can find detailed information about the engraving procedure. Most of the manufacturers charge extra money for engraving. For customization you can either use an attractive inscription or engraved picture on the surface of the cremation jewelry.

A tasteful inscription can add to the beauty of a pet’s final resting place and carry on their memory. With the right inscription, it is easy for the pet lovers to summarize the impact that the departed soul had on their lives. Most people prefer to use the name of the date and important dates and get it engraved on the body of the cremation jewelry to create a beautiful memorial. Apart from that you can also use some strong sentiments to highlight your feelings and emotions toward the departed soul.

Here is a list of inscriptions for pet memorial jewelry:

  • My Dog Angel  
  • Beyond the Rainbow
  • My Fur Angel
  • My Soul Mate
  • My Special Friend  
  • My Best Friend
  • We only part to meet again  
  • I carry you in my heart
  • Love never ends  
  • My Faithful Companion

Inscriptions are done in two basic font styles, script and block. Before deciding on the inscription for engraving purpose, you need to give stress on the size of the pet cremation jewelry as well as the space where engraving will be done. The character limit is often mentioned by the manufacturer and you need to follow the rule.

Along with few words and photographs, it is also possible to engrave a paw print, heart, star, or any special sign on the surface of the pet cremation jewelry. Usually it takes three to four day time for engraving simple inscription on the surface of pet cremation jewelry by the manufacturer. However for photo engraving, the time period is around two weeks.

Here are some samples of engraving:

Paw print engraving on pet cremation jewelry pendant. 

Paw print engraved jewelry

Custom engraved pet cremation jewelry.

Custom engraved pet cremation jewelry

Photo engraved pet cremation jewelry.

Photo engraved pet cremation jewelry

Note: When it comes to engraving an inscription or picture it is better to get it done by a professional. This way the engraving will have a consistent look and the jewelry will turn out to be a great memorial.

To conclude, a customized pet cremation jewelry item is one the best options among the bereaved for creating a unique tribute to the departed soul and keep the memories of the pet alive for years to come.

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