Cremation Pendant Keeps Memories Close To Your Heart

After the loss of a loved one, people prefer to buy some type of cremation jewelry in order to keep the memories of the deceased alive for generations to come. In regards to cremation jewelry, pendants are the first choice amongst people as it allows to keep the cremation ashes of their loved one always close to their heart. This can help to alleviate some of the pain of losing a person.

Cremation pendant

A cremation pendant is the perfect way to keep the ashes of a loved one close to your heart. One of the best parts about cremation pendants is that they are discreet. You can wear it as any of your regular jewelry items and there is no need to tell others about its significance in your life. Also just like any other types of jewelry, cremation pendants are also available in many different types of designs and styles. They also come with their own cord and box. Besides being beautiful jewelry, cremation pendants can also be used as a cremation urn. Put the pendant in a special closed box and you can keep it at some safe place.

Cremation pendant urn

You can find cremation pendants for both men and women in the market. The designs and styles of cremation pendants are made keeping in mind the needs of both the group of people. In the market you can find simple locket style cremation pendants, cylinder style pendants, love sign cremation pendants, cross cremation pendants, and so on. You can also find picture cremation pendants where you can put a photograph of the deceased. Also in some of the pendants custom engraving can also be done with special words or passages. Well, there is no doubt that you can find a perfect cremation jewelry to memorialize your loved one.

Each and every style of cremation pendants are designed with a small secret chamber where you can put a small amount of cremation ashes, small piece of cloth, a lock of hair or dried funeral flowers. To get an idea about how to fill cremation pendant, read this useful article. When you wear the cremation pendant, you will feel the presence of the deceased always close to your heart for years to come.

For buying cremation pendant jewelry, bear in mind three points:

Types of cremation pendants


It is very essential to buy something of high quality so that it lasts for years. Cremation ashes that will be stored inside the pendant are something very precious to you. So, choose a material for the pendant that is going to stand the test of time and will remain in good condition for years. Here it does not mean that you need to go for expensive materials such as diamonds, crystal or solid gold. Inexpensive solid material like bronze or stainless steel will also be a good option to choose.

Style and design:

Also it is obvious that you have a personal taste when it comes to jewelry items. If you like to wear something simple then you must buy a simple cremation pendant, instead of something designed in a very elaborate manner. Also if you prefer wearing something heavy then buy some exquisitely designed cremation pendant. The main factor should be your taste and comfort level so that you buy something that you can always wear it. For regular wear, you can choose a simple cross pendant or a plain gold pendant. It is important not to buy something impulsively as cremation jewelry is not something that you will be buying again and again.

Think about your budget:

It is true that with cremation jewelry your emotions and sentiments are connected but then also you simply cannot buy a cremation jewelry which is beyond your budget. When shopping for cremation pendant you need to be very practical, and so first you need to set up a budget as how much you can afford at that time to invest in cremation jewelry. By setting up a budget you can shop smarty and that too without compromising on quality or style. Always remember that irrespective of the material, design or shape you choose for a cremation pendant, it is your emotion and sentiment that matter the most.

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Tips to clean cremation pendant:

Cleaning cremation pendant

To maintain the quality and improve the longevity of the cremation pendant you must clean it properly. Cleaning cremation jewelry pendants requires a different technique than normal jewelry cleaning as it contains a small chamber where you have stored cremation ashes. Cleaning it with water or chemicals is not recommended at all. For cleaning, you must always use a dry jewelry polishing cloth that is easily available in the market. Also you can take help of professional cleaners to keep your jewelry clean. With the proper cleaning materials you will be able to restore the original shine and beauty of the product.

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To conclude, you can buy cremation pendant to keep your loved one close to your heart. You can also buy one to gift it to those who are struggling with the death of someone close to them.

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