Cat Memorial Jewelry Makes Wonderful Memorials

Pet cremation jewelry is an excellent idea to keep the memories of your beloved pet alive for years to come. In fact it is a better choice as compared to cremation urns as in an urn the ashes of your pet will just remain in a static place. But with the pet cremation jewelry, you can feel the presence of your pet wherever you go.

In the market you can find pet cremation jewelry for cats also. The playful and mischievous nature of a cat becomes an important part of a family. This is why when a cat dies it leaves behind a huge void in both the homes and the hearts of their owners.If a cat is a significant part of your life, you can keep his memories alive in a beautiful piece of cremation jewelry after his death.

There is a small compartment in each pet memorial jewelry items where you can secretly store a small amount of cremation ashes. This way you can find comfort with the idea that you have a reminder of your faithful companion always close to you. There are even some jewelry items which are designed with a hinged door where you can put a picture of your cat. In some items there are also provisions are for engraving a pet’s name, his paw prints or a short inspirational message.

You can find cat memorial jewelry items in a wide assortment of shapes, designs and metal finishes such as 14kt gold, sterling silver, brass, pewter, gold plated and enameled.  For sure you can buy a memorial jewelry item that suits your budget, taste and other preferences.

Here is a list of the best cat memorial jewelry in the market:

Pet Urn Pendant Bracelet – Cat

Pet Urn Pendant Bracelet – Cat

This lovely bracelet made from sterling silver is a wonderful way to memorialize your beloved cat. The design of the bracelet is such that you can wear it on daily basis. The bracelet comes with a toggle closure. The overall size of the bracelet is 7-1/2”. It comes packed in a lovely gift box along with instructions and kit to fill the cremation ashes. You can even engrave the bracelet in block or script. At a price of $205.95, you can order this bracelet online from

Pet Memorial Kilt Pin

Pet Memorial Kilt Pin

The photo of your cat can be featured on the snow quartz heart gemstone on a kilt. Along with the snow quartz heart gemstone, the pin also has crystals, cat’s eye beads and glass pearl teardrops.On the back of heart gemstone engraving can also be done. This jewelry available in either silver or gold plated can be worn across the collar, shirt pocket, hat band, purse strap, and so on. At a price of $21.99, you can order this beautiful piece online from

Cat’s Ball of Yarn Pendant

Cat's Ball of Yarn Pendant

The beauty and simplicity of this pendant is extraordinary and rare. The pendant is meticulously handcrafted of either 14kt Gold or Sterling Silver. You can fill the cremation ashes inside the pendant through bottom-opening threaded stopper. The pendant comes with a FREE matching 18” chain. At a price of $239.00, you can order this interesting piece of jewelry online from

Antique Paw Cat Cremation Pendant

antique paw cat cremation pendant

Made of stainless steel, this pendant is created by artist jewelers. The quality of the jewelry is good and it can last for years. Inside the pendant, you can store a small amount of the cremation ashes or a piece of fur. If you wish, the pendant can even be is engraved. The pendant comes with a FREE Black Leather Cord along with the funnel and instructions to fill the Pendant. The overall size of the pendant is 1.5″ W x 1″ H and it can hold up to half a teaspoon of cremation ashes. At a price of $24.95, you can buy this paw pendant online from

Paw Print Sterling Silver Remembrance Ring

paw print sterling silver remembrance ring

With this simple yet elegant ring, you can immortalize the paw print of their beloved cat forever. This ring is made of high quality sterling silver. Here multiple paw prints, nose prints or other prints of your cat can be placed in a channel created by polished raised edges. You cannot store cremation ashes in this ring, but you can go for engraved at an additional price to make it customized. At a price of $485.00, you can order this ring online from

To conclude, with a beautiful piece of cat memorial jewelry you can capture the warmth and presence of your cat forever. So, order pet memorial jewelry today only to preserve the memories associated with your cat alive even after the time of grieving has passed.

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