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5 Unique Cremation Jewelry Items

February 28, 2014

Cremation jewelry items are usually used to honor the life of a family member, a dear friend or a faithful pet. Usually, most of these memorials look like any ordinary jewelry items, but there are some interesting pieces also in the market. Some creative souls have come up with unique designs for cremation jewelry. read more …

For Wearable Memorial Choose Cremation Jewelry

June 13, 2013

When a special one dies, it is the wish of most of the surviving family members and friends to create a special memorial in the name of the deceased. Well, a beautiful memorial can be in the form of a collage, a headstone, a customized urn, a memorial tree and so on. But if you wish to feel the presence of the deceased close to your heart, then the best option for you to consider is beautiful cremation jewelry. In fact, this new concept of innovative jewelry designs has taken memorializing a step further. Not just cremation jewelry allows family members and friends to create a special memory in the name of the deceased; it also allows them to feel the memories of the deceased always close to their heart.

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Three Interesting Ways to Use Cremation Jewelry

April 29, 2013

In the last one or two decades, the market for cremation jewelry has enjoyed tremendous growth. One of the reasons behind this growing popularity is that cremation jewelry is a great way to memorialize a departed soul. Due to the increasing demand for cremation jewelry even the manufactures such as Memorials.com, Ashestoashes.com, Etsy.com and so on are regularly coming up with a myriad of innovative designs. Just look around the market and you will be amazed to see a wide range of cremation jewelry designs where you hold a small amount of the cremated remains of the deceased along with few hair strands, a pinch of dried and crushed flowers from the funeral ceremony or a bit of soil from the burial site. To know more about cremation jewelry, you can check this site www.cremationresource.org.   read more …

Engraving Ideas for Pet Cremation Jewelry

April 18, 2013

When shopping for pet cremation jewelry, it is the wish of every buyer to find a beautiful memorial that can be used to celebrate the life of his or her beloved pet. Well, getting pet cremation jewelry as unique as your beloved pet can be very difficult. But through various customizing options you can easily make any ordinary cremation jewelry very unique in nature.  read more …

Stay Connected With the Deceased With Photo Cremation Jewelry

April 18, 2013

Death of a close family member, a friend or a pet is something that can make anyone sad. Death often which leaves behind a permanent void in one’s life and there is nothing that can be done to bring back the deceased. But there are many ways to keep the memories of the deceased alive for years to come. One such option is photo memorial jewelry. Just have a look at photo memorial jewelry collection available at Memorials.com, Etsy.com, and Photoscribe.com and you will be mesmerized with their beauty and uniqueness.

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Know How to Take Care of Your Cremation Jewelry

March 19, 2013

People buy cremation jewelry to keep the ashes of their loved one always close to them. As it looks like other normal jewelry items, people often prefer to wear cremation jewelry on daily basis. If you are planning to wear cremation jewelry, you need to bear in mind that you need to take special care of it. With proper care, you can wear your favorite cremation jewelry for years to come and at the same time pass them on as treasured heirlooms to your next generation. read more …

How to Fill Ashes in Cremation Jewelry

March 8, 2013

Cremation jewelry for ashes is very special in nature as each piece is designed with a small inner chamber where the ashes belonging to a deceased can be stored. Such type of jewelry items can be used to store the ashes of humans as well as pets. In fact, the demand for such memorial products have increased so much in recent years that companies are coming up with innovative designs and concepts to fulfill the demand of the customers. Just look for the products available at Memorials.com, Ashestoashes.com, Urngarden.com and so on and you will get a clear idea about this new market trend. read more …

Best Memorial Gifts for a Grieving Friend

December 5, 2012

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time for all. During this time people look forward to the support and care of others. If you have a friend struggling with the pain of bereavement, this is the right time to show your concern to that friend. People want to help their friends, but many a times they simply do not know what to say or do to ease the pain of grief. read more …

Antique Memorial Jewelry With Old Charm

November 27, 2012

Antique memorial jewelry reflects a more traditional and vintage feel as compared to other types of cremation jewelry. With these special kinds of jewelry items you can step back in time and enjoy the past things once loved and treasured. read more …

Cat Memorial Jewelry Makes Wonderful Memorials

November 21, 2012

Pet cremation jewelry is an excellent idea to keep the memories of your beloved pet alive for years to come. In fact it is a better choice as compared to cremation urns as in an urn the ashes of your pet will just remain in a static place. But with the pet cremation jewelry, you can feel the presence of your pet wherever you go. read more …